Welcome to the Sutton and District badminton league website.

The league is formed from clubs who play roughly within 10 miles of Sutton, Surrey.
It's a popular league where rules are kept to a minimum (e.g. players do not need to be registered).
Current costs per season are £4 to register your club and 50p for each team.
If your club is interested in entering a team, contact us.

Chadacre have withdrawn from ladies sixes division 1, Ebbisham B have withdrawn from hybrid division 2, ladies fours division 2 and men's fours division 2. No teams had played any matches.

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Moorman Cup

The Moorman Cup is being played this season.
Cup teams consist of 3 men and 3 ladies. A match consists of 9 rubbers - 3 mens doubles, 3 ladies doubles and 3 mixed doubles.
Players should be declared in strength order and the match should be played M1M2, L1L2, M1M3, L1L3, M2M3, L2L3, M1L1, M2L2, M3L3.

Round Robin Group 1 (home team shown first, play before 31st March):
Chadacre v Sutton & Cheam (3-6).
Bookham v Chadacre (2-7).
Sutton & Cheam v Bookham (8-1).

Round Robin Group 2 (home team shown first, play before 31st March):
Coulsdon & Purley v Gladiators (0-9 W/O).
Gladiators v Dorking (8-1).
Dorking v Coulsdon & Purley (9-0 W/O).

Sutton & Cheam v Gladiators (4-5)

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